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Efficiency & Savings


Advantages of Balancing

  • Provide a comfortable work environment

  • Reduce service calls

  • Ensure that your system is performing to specifications

  • Determine operating efficiency and any deficiencies

  • Balance reports provide a benchmark for maintenance and for future modifications

MJ Mechanical’s BALANCING department is certified through the NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL BALANCING BUREAU (NEBB). NEBB was established in 1971 to create and maintain uniform standards for testing, adjusting, and balancing building environmental systems. It is through NEBB‘s well organized and carefully supervised program that MJ Mechanical, is able to ensure the highest quality standards.

The NEBB Program provides national standards.
Procedures and equipment are certified and calibrated.

A NEBB qualified contractor’s competence has been verified by rigid written and practical exams. MJ Mechanical’s balance technicians actively participate in continuing education programs and seminars. Their knowledge and skills are tested on a regular basis in compliance with the standards put forth by NEBB. The NEBB certification process is detailed and demanding, because NEBB credibility is dependent on maintaining the highest standards.

Who Benefits?

Architects, engineers, building owners, and contractors employ balance techniques to maintain heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. This ensures the equipment performs as it is designed to.

Our test and BALANCING capabilities include:

  • System Performance Analysis

  • HVAC System Functional Commissioning

  • Total System Assessments

  • Duct Leakage Testing

  • Hydronic Systems-Testing, Adjusting and Balancing

  • Air Systems-Testing, Adjusting and Balancing

  • NIST – Calibrated Instrumentation

  • Professional Documentation and Reports

  • Equipment Startup

  • Procedure Development

“Regardless of the claims from designers of ‘self-balancing systems,’ all HVAC systems of any magnitude require the use of the correct TAB (test and balance) procedures.” – NEBB

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