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Mechanical Design & Build


Construction Projects...Large and Small

We speak your language and we see projects the way architects, foremen, and other engineers do. It's how work gets done.

Commercial Contractors
MJ Mechanical’s HVAC commercial contracting department is well established with certified welders, pipe fitters, sheet metal mechanics, and control technicians.

We have been winning contracts on commercial and industrial heating and air conditioning projects throughout Western New York area. Our engineers and technicians are well experienced in various elements of industrial size HVAC projects.

Construction Management:
Every phase of a project is handled by our in-house employees under direct supervision of our project managers and foreman on the job. MJ’s Quality Control and System Commissioning guarantees the customer installation meets the design specifications. All systems are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure a quality product before owner move in.

HVAC Design and Construction:
MJ professionals work directly with architects, mechanical engineering design firms, owners, and industrial customers. MJ is skilled in both air and water HVAC systems, design analysis, budgeting, operating expense analysis, and life cycle analysis.

MJ provides the following services to bring the air conditioning and heating design together for our commercial and industrial clients: Load calculations, Equipment selections, duct and piping design, Temperature controls and energy management, Building code compliance, and Construction Documents ready for permitting.

As MJ Mechanical’s industrial and manufacturing client base continues to grow, so does the opportunity to become involved in Process HVAC applications. Our clients have a need for a qualified, experienced design and installation force to work with in developing technically sound and efficient process systems. MJ Mechanical has become one of the leaders in the HVAC industry in this type of work.

MJ Mechanical maintains a skilled workforce, capable of developing vitally important process systems.

This work force includes:


  • Sales Engineers with years of design experience.

  • A skilled and well-trained workforce of piping and metal fabricators and installers.

What type of Process HVAC Applications are we doing today?

  • Design Build CLEAN ROOM Project

  • Design Build Dry Room projects within the desiccant and food industries

  • Process skids for the tool coating industry

  • Process welding within the process chemical industry.

  • MEDICAL GAS installation projects for numerous hospitals, emergency centers, and outpatient facilities.

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