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MJ Mechanical Services, Inc. strives for an accident-free environment. Excellence in safety is critical to protect our most valuable resources – our team members. MJ maintains a safety and health program conforming with the best-proven practices of organizations in business today. Our program embodies the proper attitude toward injury and illness control on the part of every employee and requires cooperation in all safety and health matters.

Our goal is to become a leader in the control of losses to match our record and reputation in the mechanical contracting and servicing industry.

Safety, quality, and production are equal partners in the work process. To be successful a company has to achieve all three and …“Attitude”… is the key element that drives successful achievement.

It’s a positive attitude that promotes good behavior – safe behavior, productive behavior and quality work. Superior attitudes produce superior performance and poor attitudes produce failure. It’s all about attitude – your attitude towards safety, your attitude towards getting the job done and your attitude towards quality.

Supervisors are Key to MJ’s Safety Success

Supervisors are responsible for developing and maintaining a constant safety climate in the work area. By fostering a safety-oriented attitude in all employees, we increase the potential for them to work safely both as individuals and as a group.

Only through supervisory leadership can we prevent accidents directly (e.g. by correcting hazards on job site and enforcing safety policies).

An effective Safety training program does more than just transfer knowledge and skill, it inspires people to apply and practice what they have learned “… to walk the talk and do the next right thing.

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Important aspects of our Safety Program

– All field employees have at a minimum their OSHA 10hr. training
– Supervisors are 30hr. OSHA trained
– Substance Abuse Program in place
– Monthly Safety Training for field personnel
– Formal Written Safety Program
– Safety Committee –Members represent each department including top management.

Rules and regulations do not effectively prevent accidents, people do.

Safety is a people business. This is why the MJ Mechanical safety process is a people based program that looks at what produces safe behaviors and eliminates unsafe acts.

MJ Mechanical takes a proactive approach to safety by providing the minimum:

Monthly Safety Training
OSHA 10 & 30hr. Trained Employees
Formal Safety Program
Substance Abuse Program
Management Safety Training

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