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What is Green Building?

Green Building is the design and construction of buildings giving careful consideration to three main elements:

  • Healthy indoor environment
  • Maximum energy efficiency and conservative
  • Conservative and thoughtful use of natural resources

Who says it’s a green building? Is there a certification process?

Several ways exist to denote a building’s “greenness.” In the United States, and now worldwide, green buildings are certified through an independent third party, the US Green Building Council’s program, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®).

Why Build Green?

It makes sense!

Green Buildings increase the efficient use of energy, environmental, and human resources. They also incorporate practices that significantly reduce or eliminate adverse environmental impacts, increase efficiency and translate into an economic benefit.

Making improvements to design when renovating or building is most cost effective. A one-time investment premium of less than 1 percent of first costs can increase energy efficiency over standard building code practices by 20 percent to 30 percent.

Shades of Green

NYSERDA provides green building services through the New Construction Program. Any level of green design is recognized and supported. Therefore, various “shades of green” can be considered for technical and green design assistance. When considering Green building measures, applicants can request assistance.

Incentives under the New Construction Program are performance-based: Therefore, some green measures may not qualify for it. However, green building assistance provides for green measures and can be used to analyze energy savings, indoor air quality effects, and the appropriateness of the technology for LEED® certification, life cycle costs, and other impacts.

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