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By not maintaining your HVAC equipment, you could be paying up to 20% more for energy.  Your unit will age 5-10 years faster than a regularly maintained unit, possibly causing it to fail prematurely. Do Not let your equipment deteriorate and cost you more money. MJ Mechanical offers a Maintenance Contract to keep your equipment in top shape and your energy costs lower. 

Preventive Maintenance
The program covers all of the necessary maintenance needs and seasonal changeoverswrench_money.jpg, as well as keeping the equipment running at its peak level. A good preventive maintenance program will keep your equipment running longer, reduce energy consumption, cut down on service calls, and make everyone more comfortable.

Because every building has different requirements, there are several ways to approach maintenance. MJ Mechanical can design a maintenance program to specifically fit your company's needs.

Breakdown Maintenance
Breakdown maintenance is done only when a unit breaks down. In this situation, the unit runs less efficiently, generally costs more to maintain, and will need to be replaced in a much shorter period of time.

Basic Maintenance
Basic maintenance includes only the necessary maintenance - this usually amounts to a simple belt and filter change. This keeps the unit from breaking down due to dirty filters, but does nothing preventive. The cost of this kind of program is minimal, but in the long run, more money will be spent on repairs than has been saved by cutting an effective preventive maintenance program.

ImprovementEnergy Savings
Adjusting equipment operating sequence 25-35%
Cleaning Coils 5-15%
Replacing dirty air filters 10-15%
Removing condenser coil scale 25-30%
Cleaning burner assembly 15%
Eliminating fan motor belt slippage and poor alignment 15-20%

With all of the maintenance options, there's a program that's just right for your facility. Consult MJ Mechanical at 716-874-9200 to design the best for you!